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Never wait until it's too late!

The story is always the same, as humans one of our main faults is waiting until the last minute to get things done! But let's not allow that to affect our furry friends! Dog hair grows the same every time, so why not book your grooming appointments ahead of time from now on? Today, we're going to look into why that's so important and helpful....

Adult dogs should be groomed every 6 to 8 weeks, after that time frame the dogs' hair will begin to mat or tangle due to every day fun or the dog licking it's fur because it's uncomfortable. Younger dogs or brand new puppies should be groomed more frequently at first. This helps the pup get used to being handled by its groomer and helps to establish a healthy relationship. No matter if you have a young or old fur baby, long or short haired fur baby, big or small fur baby, taking your pet to the groomer is very important for good health and hygiene.

This being said, PLEASE BOOK AHEAD. We can't tell you enough how helpful it is when clients go ahead and book their next appointment after each groom. What happens when you forget to call? What happens when your groomer is booked up because it's busy season? A fluffy, stinky, tangled mess is what!

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"Here at Steph's Bubbles and Bows we normally book up about a week and a half ahead of time, and that's during regular grooming season," states Brianna Daniel, groomer and salon manager.

A groomer stays busy, but their "busy season" normally revolves around upcoming holidays and summer, so be sure to call ahead during those times especially.

Of course, we love your fur babies like they're our own and we will do our best to accomodate you as often as we can. But let's keep those fur babies looking as clean and cute as ever and start booking in advance from now on!

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