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The Cute Cure

Pets have heart-stengthening , blues-battling, body-slimming, and stress-calming super powers! Did you know gazing into your pup's eyes releases oxytocin in your brain?! That hormone chills you out and helps you bond with others.

Did you know that dogs can spot cancer? In 1989 in a case study a dog began sniffing at a new spot on her owner's thigh, even when she was wearing pants. This went on until the owner had a mole removed and the biopsy showed it was melanoma.

The American Heart Association says people who own any kind of pet have better cholesterol levels, a lower risk of hypertension, and ultimately a lower rate of heart disease than those without critters.

So if you are thinking of getting a fur answer to that is YES!!! IT MAY JUST SAVE YOUR LIFE! Pets can bring you so much love and joy and the fact that they can make you healthier is even more of a reason to own one. I have a tea cup chihuahua named Paris and my cancer doctor wrote me a prescription for her to be able to go everywhere with me and I can honestly say that she has helped me with anxiety and depression. She is a real comfort to have with me!!!!

If you would like to read more about how a fur baby can be a healthy cure then get the Dr. Oz July/August 2015 edition of The Good Life


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