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Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks can be a huge pain, not to mention a health hazard. And one of the best ways for them to spread is at the groomers. While your pup is getting pampered, she can spread fleas to other dogs. It's important to treat your dog for fleas and ticks. The best way to keep those little creepy critters away is by preventative measures.

Steph's Bubbles and Bows provides flea treatment by administering the Capstar pill and medicated baths.

You can also pick up Advantix spot treatment at your local pet store. Spot treatments are great for the fall and winter months. Sentry also makes a flea collar that can be really beneficial during the spring and summer months.

Make sure to take the proper measures to prevent fleas and ticks. By doing your part, you can help stop the spread of fleas and ticks. And going to the groomers is always more enjoyable when there aren't any jumpy, itchy critters nibbling your fur baby!

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