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Steph shares her dream......

I began grooming in 1998 in my own back yard. My parents bought me a red barn and I worked really hard at fixing it up with water, electricity and everything I would need to groom dogs. I had a dream and I was going to make it happen! When the red barn was up and running I spent many hours grooming to provide a home for my daughters and myself. I was a single Mom and had goals and I was determined to not give up. I spent so many hours in my back yard that I was able to put my oldest daughter through many years of dance, {Brittany's dream to become a dancer} and as she graduated from high school and JMU. My youngest daughter, Brianna, would play and entertain herself in the red barn playing with the dogs, or better yet exploring in the back yard. Her dream was to have a horse and play softball, which in all the hours of hard work, I was able to provide her with both. Brittany is now a full time dance teacher and mother of my beautiful granddaughter and Brianna is attending Liberty University and one of my groomers. I can say that I am very blessed and proud of both my girls!!

In 2012 I decided to move my growing and expanding business to Timberlake Road. I went to the bank and applied for a business loan with the hopes of making my dream become bigger and better.

Excited and nervous I then opened the cutest boutique in town, Steph's Bubbles & Bows Pet Grooming Boutique. I opened up my doors to my new salon and offered other groomers a chance to come in and groom my past, present and future clients. I worked hard to promote, continue to build and then maintain my reputation as a loving and caring groomer. Over the years I have had an ever growing business and I am honored to share my clients with groomers that I have chosen to represent me.

It hasn't been easy but I can honestly say that my dream came true and continues to come true. I am proud to uphold my reputation as a groomer and business owner. All of my clients have my heart and their fur babies mean more to me then they know. I could not have gotten this far if it wasn't for my parents, my daughters, my clients, my groomers and the LORD above. I kept my faith and I am very thankful for all the years of love and support from all.

Thank you to everyone! With love and appreciation,

Stephanie Witt

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