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2nd Time's the Charm!

New puppy bliss is filled with many firsts! First night home, first time sitting on command, first treat, first collar, first puppy bed, first vacation, and first trip to the groomers! It's such an exciting and rewarding time, it's no wonder that those "2nds" aren't always the focus!

"Starting a puppy with a clean-up instead of a full groom can help with introducing puppies to grooming in a positive way," stated in Groomer to Groomer magazine. A quick trip to the groomer will be a breeze for your busy pup and may be misleading for the future trips to come.

The second time your puppy, now older, visits the groomer may have a different story line, but this visit is just as important! Your pet has matured and is more sure of itself and what it likes or doesn't like. He or she may test the groomer and find its rebellious side. The second groom also comes with more expecations from the client and groomer. It's more then just a "clean-up" this time, it's a full groom which may not sit well with your impatient puppy.

But not to worry, we're all on the same team and as groomers, we love your pup just as much as you do! Making our clients aware of this next step in the grooming relationship can help solve those misleading expecations from the first puppy cut!

"Grooming is a process that dogs have to practice to perfect," stated in Groomer to Groomer magazine. Here are a couple ways that you can help your pup at home prepare for their future grooms! Think of it as "homework" for you and your fur baby:

- Start young with a "puppy cut" or "clean-up"

- Help your pet get used to being handled

- Make the groomer's a happy and exciting place to visit with your own behavior

- Think of ways to make the car ride less stressful

- Reward and celebrate after a successful groom

- Get your pup used to the sounds of running water, blow dryers, and cage doors at home

- Visit the shop on a non-grooming day, pups like retail therapy too!

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