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Stephanie Witt


A note from Steph:

Even at a young age, I always knew that I loved dogs. Growing up, I would beg to go to my aunt's grooming shop in Waynesboro, VA. Eventually she taught me how to groom and, to be honest, it came naturally. So, in 1998 I started grooming in my back yard as a hobby. I enjoyed it so much that my wonderful parents helped me purchase a little red shed for the backyard and my dream started becoming a reality. I grew as a groomer in my own back yard with my two daughters cheering me on. In 2012, I wanted to pursue my dream even further and decided to move my passion to Timberlake Rd. I am very proud to say that I made this next leap all on my own with determination and faith in the Lord above! Steph's Bubbles and Bows is not only my dream come true, but it is an opportunity for me to share my passion with other groomers and allow them to grow and shine in their careers. I'm so thankful for how far it has come in just 7 years. I look forward to many more years of sharing my love and passion with the community and their sweet fur babies!

Fun facts about Me: Chihuahuas are my favorite breed, I enjoy going to the beach and going fishing, and my favorite color is pink! You may see me driving around town in my bubble-mobile: Pupylve. 

Dogs Groomed by Steph

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